Planned/Scheduled Arrivals listed on airport pages

Hi, folks.

Quick weekend update for everyone. First, by popular demand from airport and FBO operators, we now list planned/scheduled arrivals on the “En Route” table on an airport page when appropriate. If there are insufficient en route flights to fill the table, the rest of the table is populated with relevant scheduled flights, sorted by estimated arrival time. In the event that a scheduled (not current en route) arrival is delayed, but could still conceivably arrive before an en route flight (or if no subsequent en route flight exists), FlightAware will display the entry for that flight with the word, “Delayed” instead of an estimated departure and arrival time.

For example, if KVNY (Van Nuys, CA) has two upcoming arrivals and one is from KTEB (Teterboro, NJ), which is en route but two hours from arrival, yet one is from Santa Monica, CA and is delayed (not airborne yet), the Santa Monica flight will be listed above the Teterboro flight, but with the Delayed notation.

We also implemented some other interface/data presentation consistency improvements on the airport pages that should just clarify a few minor glitches that might have been confusing or presented information in a way that is inconsistent with the rest of the interface.

Additionally, it was another week of incredible growth and increase in popularity, so we’ve turned up more equipment and capacity to serve all our users with everything they’ve come to expect from FlightAware, and even faster than before.

Our development teams have incredible things in the works for the web site as well as other FlightAware technologies, so stick around and you’ll see the announcements here first.

Thanks for your support.