planes listed as scheduled/en route to are not to that airpo

all the time i look at the scheduled/en route and is shows planes that are not even going to the airport i’m tracking. (KSFZ) sometimes they go to like virginia. and one more thing! i clicked on a plane under en route and it said arrived over 10 hours ago. IF ITS EN ROUTE IT HASNT ARRIVED YET!@!!!

If it is “scheduled” the flight plan may be on file but the airplane is still enroute to another airport.
If you notice, the airplane is currently enroute from ‘your’ airport to Leesburg, and the scheduled one is from leesburg BACK to KSFZ.

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Actually, this is not true. With the built-in delay, it’s possible for an aircraft to be on the ground while FlightAware still shows it being enroute. Ditto for the other end - it could have already departed yet still be shown as “scheduled.”

hmmm maybe

(from the FAQ)

To facilitate airport and airport service operators, FlightAware lists scheduled departures on the “En Route/Scheduled” table when space allows. If there are insufficient en route flights to fill the table, the rest of the table is populated with relevant scheduled flights, sorted by estimated arrival time. In the event that a scheduled (not current en route) arrival is delayed, but could still conceivably arrive before an en route flight (or if no subsequent en route flight exists), FlightAware will display the entry for that flight with the word, “Delayed” instead of an estimated departure and arrival time.

For example, if KVNY (Van Nuys, CA) has two upcoming arrivals and one is from KTEB (Teterboro, NJ), which is en route but two hours from arrival, yet one is from Santa Monica, CA and is delayed (not airborne yet), the Santa Monica flight will be listed above the Teterboro flight, but with the Delayed notation.

Man I go to school for one day and come back to all this pandemonium and chaos!

ok thanks. now i understand.