The last couple of days the “enroute to/scheduled to” box shows delayed for aircraft that have not yet departed. It’s not all the time, but I’ve researched the delayed flights and 90% of the time they are not scheduled to have departed yet. Once in a while the flight is truly late. When “delayed” is shown, it is all flights that have not departed, otherwise the expected takeoff times are shown for every flight, no mixing of this bug.

As I understand it, it’s the preloading of scheduled flights’ plans. Since the plan has yet to be activated (it’s just sitting there waiting) there’s no ETD. I don’t if it’s Flightaware or FA who deems them ‘delayed’ so can’t say if it’s a bug or not. But it sure ain’t right.

Thanks for the reply. This seems to be a new thing and also includes non-scheduled private aircraft.

Does help any? This was added when the status was added. I think there was a discussion somewhere in the past, currently searching…

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Not sure if this answers your question Porterjet??

Hi Allen;
That is the explanation for the normal way, this appears to be something new. If you look at KSBP right now there are two flights en route with an ATD and ETA, a Mooney and a PC-12. All the rest are shown as delayed with no ETD even though most of them are for later in the day so not really late. yet.

John in Saudi

Just a quick follow up. I randomly picked one of the flights on the delayed list at KSBP, N125BP. I then checked it’s departure airport and the time IS listed as a pending departure there.

I have a feeling we are running into “time sensitive” situations as things have changed since your posting. Maybe if you could grab screen shots and post 'em?

Both flights above “looked” normal to me. (cache issue on your browser?)

Seeing your post, does the word delay actually show up on individual tail numbers or just the scheduled to board of the airport?

I have only seen the word scheduled for individual tail numbers myself even clicking on the delayed flights on the scheduled board.

Hi Allen;
The delayed word is for each flight. I do have a screenshot from earlier today, just in case Mark wanted it…!
Be back in a minute.

By the way, while I try to remember how to print screen, does the KSBP enroute box look normal to you? I forgot that I saved the one earlier as a PDF. so I have to go get a new one.

Not really, everything shows delayed after N1TC which it did not a few minutes ago.

Below is the text version I am capturing.

SKW6149 E120 San Francisco Intl (KSFO) 12:34p 01:14p
ASH2748 CRJ9 Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX) 12:26p 01:52p
N1TC PC12 Nogales Intl (KOLS) 11:42a 02:19p
AMF209 Metropolitan Oakland Intl (KOAK) Delayed
N125BP PC12 Portland-Hillsboro (KHIO) Delayed
SKW6385 E120 Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) Delayed
SKW5965 E120 San Francisco Intl (KSFO) Delayed
ASH2750 CRJ2 Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX) Delayed
SKW6397 E120 Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) Delayed
AMF209 Metropolitan Oakland Intl (KOAK) Delayed

yup, that’s what I am seeing too. Not just at this airport either. As I said earlier I randomly selected the PC-12 departing KHIO and that airport also had a bunch of delayed inbound flights too. The scheduled departures box does show flight ETDs so why don’t they show up on the arriving airports “en route to” box? I guess when Mark gets up he can look at it. :smiley:
Thanks Allen.

We see the issue and “I don’t undrestand how this ever worked.”

We are in trouble if the boss doesn’t understand it.

My suggestion? PUNT!

Fixed (and we now know how it works).

TOUCHDOWN! :smiley:

see, you learn something everyday.