Delays showing on your site EVERY WEEK

Fly to IAD every week on Colgan 7818, and EVERY WEEK for the past month, you show the arrival 1 hr 17 min late. Same delay every time. Yet when I check with United, they show the flight running on time. Called your support line, and someone was supposed to e-mail me back. Have driven 2 times now because I don’t know who to believe. :imp:

It does say that today as well. BUT it says arrival 1hr 17 min late. While that may be a bug or there could be some flow control stuff going on, that doesn’t say its DEPARTING late.

I think thats what I said…ARRIVAL…no flow, no delays, aircraft has been on time each week, yet the site shows the delay. Would like to know why, and if it can be fixed if it is a glitch in the program

Looks like the flight is going to be late but only the ETA got updated and not the EDT. It looks like the flight is late just about every day/week.

Yes you did say arrival, so my question was if it was departing on time why not fly. My assumption would say that if both were showing an OT departure, that I would make the attempt to fly the leg in hopes it would arrive on time.

I’m sure MDuell could better elaborate, but if I’m correct, ATC feeds the FA system with the information, so if they show something as far as flow control it will appear here.
I can remember many times ATC calling us at the airline and saying ground hold until blah blah, edct time blah blah, then the crew calls for their clearance and it has been cancelled and we depart ontime.
Happens all the time

If I was you I would go with what the AIRLINE says and not what FlightAware says. For one thing, the airline will have the time the aircraft arrived/departed from the gate while FlightAware shows the wheels up/down times.

Not according to; CJC7818 is rated 87% on-time.