"Scheduled" versus printed times -


I’m holding in my hand a confirmation for UA116, HongKong to EWR, for today, July 21. The confirmation printed from United’s site shows the arrival for 1:55pm. FlightAware shows a ‘scheduled’ arrival of 12:44pm. What’s up with that??? The actual average for the past 7 days is actually closer to 1:05pm, but this difference would explain why, on UA117, EWR to HongKong, I said the flight arrived 30 minutes late and my partner, who was actually on the flight, said it arrived 35 minutes early. What the heck are they doing??? Simply padding times to make arrival/departure times look more on-time?




Have you read the FAQ’s (shown in “About FlightAware”) to understand the arrival/departure times?


didn’t see it on the first read. Thanks.