Average arrival and departure times


Saw your announcement on average arrival and departure times…

flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA426 the times in the grey are off by one column to the left (all flights seem to have this)

I do have a question on flightaware.com/live/flight/EGF3628

Does it seem right the 7 day average time would be before the scheduled departure and actual departure? How would that time be derived?

The formatting problem should be fixed in the next few seconds.

If you look at the Activity Log, the flight regularly arrives ahead of the scheduled time.

FIXED :smiley:

Gotchya on arrivals, check out the departure average though.

Scheduled 7-day Average Actual/Estimated
Departure 02:39PM **02:35PM **02:39PM

Yep, check out the activity log. It departs regularly at 2:32, 2:34, etc.


Yeah I saw this after posting and see this. You beat me to the draw.

Why am I never on these earlier then scheduled departures I don’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for these quick responses!

To steal a radio phrase - “occasional user, first-time poster”. I use FlightAware mostly in the weeks before I’m flying somewhere to see what kind of delays I’m in for… :slight_smile:

So I’m checking flightaware.com/live/flight/JBU1115 in advance of some overdue vacation… :slight_smile:

And the 7-day average looks… um… anomalous. :slight_smile:

 	 Scheduled 	7-day Average 	Actual/Estimated
Departure 	05:19PM EDT 	02:48PM EDT 	05:19PM EDT
Arrival 	07:09PM EDT 	04:31PM EDT 	07:09PM EDT

And it’s not like there’s an oddball flight in the last 7 days, either…

06-Sep-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC)  	Orlando Intl (KMCO)  	05:13PM EDT  	06:54PM EDT  	1:41
05-Sep-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC) 	Orlando Intl (KMCO) 	05:51PM EDT 	07:30PM EDT 	1:39
04-Sep-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC) 	Orlando Intl (KMCO) 	05:26PM EDT 	07:11PM EDT 	1:45
03-Sep-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC) 	Orlando Intl (KMCO) 	05:18PM EDT 	07:05PM EDT 	1:47
02-Sep-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC) 	Orlando Intl (KMCO) 	06:05PM EDT 	07:49PM EDT 	1:44
01-Sep-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC) 	Orlando Intl (KMCO) 	05:21PM EDT 	07:07PM EDT 	1:46
31-Aug-2009 	E190/Q 	Richmond Intl (KRIC) 	Orlando Intl (KMCO) 	05:16PM EDT 	07:03PM EDT 	1:47

There is a 5-hour delayed flight on 29-Aug, but that’s 9 days out and shouldn’t be counted, right?

My return flight, JBU1114, reports far more normal averages (and it includes a divert on 29-Aug)… it just seems to be this flight.

I figure this is one that the programming wizards might want to look at…

One thing you need to remember is that the average shown by FlightAware is the wheels up/wheels down times.

Your flight, as long as it departs from or arrives at the gate within 15 minutes of the published time is considered on time.

Reported to the appropriate wizard, robster2001.