7-Day Average Issues

Not sure how the 7-day average is being calculated for arrival times, but it appears to have issues. I saw an earlier post suggesting that it was really a 14-day average, but that doesn’t explain what I’m seeing.

For example, today’s flight BA 293 is showing a 7-day average arrival into KIAD of 19:35 EDT, when it has not arrived before 19:49 EDT in the last 2 weeks (and the next earliest time was after 20:00 EDT.

I’m wondering whether there is a timezone issue here, and that it is really showing the average time in EST while claiming to be EDT.



Any thoughts from Flightaware staff? Just noticed this, the 7 day average is way off.

For example see: flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL … /KJFK/EHAM

Departure 7-day average: 16:26 EDT

Even eyeballing it, not even close last 12 days=

3-Oct-15 16:52 EDT
2-Oct-15 17:27 EDT
1-Oct-15 16:52 EDT
30-Sep-15 17:03 EDT
29-Sep-15 16:32 EDT
28-Sep-15 16:47 EDT
27-Sep-15 18:32 EDT
26-Sep-15 16:38 EDT
25-Sep-15 17:03 EDT
24-Sep-15 16:58 EDT
23-Sep-15 16:38 EDT
22-Sep-15 16:41 EDT

This is a known issue and our developers are hopeful to have it corrected in the near future. I am sorry for the confusion with the 7 day averages on the site currently.