Delayed info

I tracked an international flight over the last 18 hrs. It was consistently about an hour late in tracking. In following same flight with another app. it was spot on. FlightAware notification of landing was long after my passenger had called.
Has anyone else experienced this the last couple of days?

Link to the flight?

I thought I was linked. In tracking a couple of flights today, they are correct. Not sure if it was a bug, or if I just wasn’t linked as I thought. My son set up the notifications for me to receive text messages, and I was following on computer while at home.
Computer info was much different on 2 different track sites.

We would need to know which flights it was and what day the flights departed.

HI, Thanks for the reply. United 82 EWR-DEL 01OCT15

Must fix!!

Looking at UA82 today and comparing to other sites, it appears the tracking is correct and not delayed. When did you notice the delay? Early in the flight, late in the flight, over the ocean?