aircraft hasn't departed, FlightAware's clock has it 2+hrs


My son (charter pilot) is on the ground, still waiting for his passengers. FlightAware’s tracker has him now over 2 hours into the flight! While the clock advances, the map does not show flight.


Need more data in order to help you. Please provide flight ID and airport.


My son called 1:45pm today from HPN saying that they were waiting for for their passengers.


pilotsmom, I suggest you read the FAQ about some of the bugs and glitches of Flightaware. It’s a great, free service but sometimes things appear goofed up. Don’t worry if your son’s flight is in the air and no information is available.


I have read through your FAQs and did not see this particular glitch described.

I am not worried. I thought my son was in transit as FlightAware had him taking off at 11:54AM EDT. When he called me at 1:45pm (to pass some time while he was waiting for his passengers), I told him about FlightAware’s 2+ hours ‘tracking’ his flight while he was still sitting on the ground!

I thought that by posting this message, the glitch would be fixed.


It could - probably is - a problem with the FAA feed.

The flight you gave shows a code of RLI. That’s not listed in the FlightAware database so it shows as unknown owner. Looking in the FAA contractions publications, RLI is Reliant Air Charter. Is this the company your son is flying for?


Also this looks like a flight outside of Flightaware’s service area (United States). When this flight does go it may track all the way down to the last 30 minutes then show results unknown or no data available.

damiross, are you hourly or salary?


Salary - why?


The flight was marked as active by ETMS at 1559Z with a departure time of 1554Z; thanks for the note and I’ll pass it on to the developers as an example. When your son does take off, it should start another flight.

edit: Well it looks like he took off and we didn’t create a new flight. The latest ETA (as of 1931Z) is 2209Z.


This flight tracking saga has become even bizarre.

My son took off at 03:12PM EDT as shown on FlightAware with his plane, call number, altitude, air speed and destination shown in green on the map. The following was listed:

Duration 2 hours 58 minutes
Progress 2 hours 48 minutes left
9 minutes
Status En Route (14 miles down; 1125 miles to go)

Scheduled	Actual/Estimated

Departure 01:27PM EDT 03:12PM EDT
Arrival 08:28PM GMT 10:10PM GMT
Speed 380 kts 244 kts
Altitude 40000 feet 7000 feet

… then after 15 minutes or so the map no longer displayed his plane, etc. and the following was listed:

Duration 6 hours 15 minutes
Progress 2 hours 33 minutes left
3 hours 41 minutes
Status En Route (No recent position)

Scheduled	Actual/Estimated

Departure 01:27PM EDT 11:54AM EDT
Arrival 08:28PM GMT 10:09PM GMT
Speed 380 kts 292 kts
Altitude 40000 feet 19800 feet

The duration, progress, departure and arrival reverted to the previous erroneous information, while the speed and altitude were current. I hope this helps. Thanks.


I plotted the area where the track line stops. I think there’s a well known glitch in that area. The fix may take a while.


I appreciate your effort but the normal track stopped 15+ minutes (3:30-3:35pm) after departing HPN (03:12PM EDT) and not the area depicted in wazzu90 's response. I believe RLI717 would have been over southern New Jersey - Delaware area.



Um… it was a joke!

Ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle?

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James in southern New Jersey (He’s not here either!) :wink:


The track line is there:

So is the disclaimer: At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.