Live traking

I lost the last 15 minutes of a flight, I think the estimated time is involved. I mean if the aircraft takeoff late, FLIGHTAWARE does not take into consideration that he will arrive later … I’m wrong :question:

Do you have a link to an example.

Yes, you’re wrong. Just because a plane is delayed taking off isn’t a guarantee that it will arrive equally as late. They can go faster to make up any lost time and arrive at or near a scheduled arrival time.

FA posts the departure and arrival times as reported by the FAA, they’re not “projected” or “estimated”. (feb 25)

Lost at 09h19 pm on log book (journal of activity) and landed at 09h43 pm ?
Thank you

I see the problem, you are tracking a flight landing in Cuba. The FAA does not receive position reports from Cuba so the end of the track is when the flight left Miami ATC airspace at 1819Z with the flight landing almost 30 minutes later.
Flight Aware only gives us the information they receive from the FAA ATC computer.

Thank you very much for explanations. Very appreciate. … /CYUL/MUVR is the permalink