Feature Request


On an airport page, we have the categories for “arrivals”, “departures”, “scheduled departures”, and “enroute”. How about adding one called “planned arrivals”?

Flytecomm shows flights that are planned/scheduled but not yet airborne (as long as flight plans are filed which sometimes can happen 2 hours before scheduled time). This can be helpful in seeing what may be coming in the next several hours as opposed to just whatever is airborne.

Yesterday I checked on here to see if anything interesting was coming to my airport and saw nothing. Then I looked on flytecomm and saw a planned flight for CHQ905 in about 2 hours. So I came back to flightaware and typed in that callsign and it did show on the history page that there was a flight “scheduled”. But I would have never known that this flight was coming unless I happened to check it during the time it was airborne, which was only about 40 minutes (it was a short flight). With flytecomm I had a heads-up on it.



We’ve discussed this before (internally, and possibly in the forums) and it’s on our to-do list.