Planned Arrivals Feature?


Let me begin by saying I love this site. I am a college student working part-time at an FBO at my local municipal airport. We have a subscription to to track flights but in nearly every aspect we all prefer The only important feature flightaware is missing that fboweb provides is a list of planned arrivals to the airport. When we notice a planned arrival on fboweb we can type in the N number on flightaware and it registers that the aircraft in question has filed a flight plan to our airport. I wouldn’t imagine it would be too terribly difficult to add this feature to flightaware; we, and I’m sure many others, find it a helpful tool for anticipating what we’ll be dealing with throughout business day. Thanks; love the site!


Hi, jtbryan and thanks for your support.

We actually have had a ticket open on that issue and the improvement you’re suggesting is expected to be rolled out to the web site today or tomorrow as well as a couple other interface consistency issues on the airport page, so barring any delays, you should expect to see that by Monday.



Please see this announcement.