Feeds OK but Live Data site not working?

My pi feeder’s working fine, receiving and uploading data but I can no long click on the live data feed on my local site, I receive error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
Used to be working prior to 1.18, not sure if this is related or coincidence. Anyone else having this problem?

Still can’t figure this one out, upgraded to .19, any new thoughts for the new year?

Just some thoughts I have.

How did you upgrade to 1.19?
Have you tried doing the process again? Maybe try 1.18 if you still have the file.

When you say you can’t view your live data are you trying to access it from your FlightAware ADS-B page
or are you trying the connection from your browser by entering the ip address?

When you are logged in at FlightAware and on your ADS-B page do you see any of your site info

Last Seen:
Longest Streak:
Feeder Type:
Nearest Airport:

Site identifier:
Internet IP:
Site local IP:
Web interface: view live data (requires local network connection)
Last known position: (XX.XXXXXXX, -XX.XXXXXX)

Another thing I see and may not be related is when I am on my page and either logged in or logged out and I go to
the bottom of the page in the section Nearest ADS-B Sites it will show that I am viewing my page. If I go to any other
page it shows that I am viewing that page as well. However when I am on your page it does not show that. Makes me
wonder if it might be a problem with your account. I am very green to this so not able to give you a here do this and
that should fix it. Maybe someone else has seen this before and knows what it is. Let us know what the fix is.



Thanks very much for the reply. I did a full wipe and re-installation and that seems to have done the trick. Odd.