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Feeding Multiple ADS-B sites


As is pretty obvious from an earlier thread I started, I’m pretty new to all this. I have a RaspPi in my shed (shack? for across the pond) and I am feeding 360 Radar purely because it shows military traffic (I was in the RAF for 22 years). Having said that I would also like to feed FlightAware. I believe that it **can ** be from other posts but as for the how well that is what I’m asking. Oh, and by the way those who say that watching the military on these websites is a security problem that’s a no no. If the pilot of a modern iPlane or Android plane doesn’t want to be seen it’ll be “Siri, make me invisible” if it’s an old non-smart aircraft, a flick of a switch and it’s gone. For none stealthy aircraft the only way your going to see them is if you happen to have your own radar set in the back garden and try for a skin paint, but, hey? :man_pilot:


I don’t know what you are using as decoder. Usually here people start with dump1090-fa (or similar forks) and that can create a port (usually 30005 Beast format) that will serve the ADS-B data to any other app running on the device or on same network.


It will be dump1090-mutability v1.15~dev, if @A342 followed their instructions:


git clone https://github.com/mutability/dump1090.git

cd dump1090

sudo dpkg-buildpackage -b

sudo dpkg -i ../dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev_armhf.deb



To install Flightaware data feeder, go to following page and execute Step 2 only.

As you already have dump1090-mutability, do NOT execute Step 3, which is for installing dump1090-fa


abcd567, again, thanks for your help. I will get onto this first thing tomorrow. For the other thread I started I have ordered the copper sheet as in triggers instructions for the interdigital filter.


As directed I executed Step 2 Only. However, the nice people at FA say my site is NOT reporting. I can’t (hopefully) blame it on finger trouble as I used copy and paste. Any Ideas?


Did you claim your receiver? If not, go to this page and claim your new receiver (you must be logged-in to your Flightaware account to claim)


Wow, as easy as that? I’m going to have to read deeper into these sites, although I thought that I had done all that was required. I presume that they are reading the FA id number of my blue FA dongle or similar. ah an email from FA. I shall away and read it thoroughly, hoping not to have to ask for too much help in the future. Copper sheet and 12mm pipe arrive tomorrow. Thanks again


No, they allot a feeder-id randomly generated by Flightaware servers. It has nothing to do with FA dongle’s id, as dongle does not have an id number. It also has nothing to do with mac address of your RPi.

The feeder-id, also called UUID, is 32 digit alpha-numeric in following format:



Over the past few days I have tried in vain to get Safari/firefox/chrome to open ,as shown in my welcoming email, in order to view traffic. I’ve gotten nowhere and now have to bother you yet again. On Safari all I get is “Safari can’t connect to the Server. Safari can’t open the page because Safari can’t connect to the server” so where do I go now?


Have you tried ?
Also that IP address might have changed if your router decided to give the device another address.
The current IP (if it changed) is listed on your stats page:

Look for this:

If that both does not work we will see from there :slight_smile:


weidehopf, yes, tried that http addressing and yes the ip ends in.94. every thing is as in my reply to abcd567:grimacing:


My bad i didn’t think properly. You didn’t even install dump1090-fa and that is what that link will typically link to.

But it’s not much different from the map you should be getting via

after step 8 of those (https://radar.lowflyingwales.co.uk/raspberry-pi-installation-instructions/) instructions.

If you don’t have a local map at all i’ll try and help you the best i can i wasn’t completely aware of how your feeder is set up sorry :slight_smile:

Also if you want the dump1090-fa map you could replace dump1090 with dump1090-fa the other feeder you have running should still work as dump1090-fa is basically further development of dump1090-mutability.
The configuration file is a little different but other than that it should work.


I have the Open Street Map (gmap) with dump1090 mutability. However, and I might be wrong, I believe that the Skyview map gives me more of an ability to not only see “my” traffic but to also get a better SPLAT (SPLOT?) You can see from my lack of the various terminologies that i am very new to this. If I’m wrong about the map I’ll leave things alone as, as I said earlier, my main interest is military traffic which I get on 360 radar. (After 22 years in ATC in the RAF it’s a bit of a bus mans holiday, so to speak). I use SBS plotter on a little Dell mini but doesn’t appear to give really accurate plotting. Thanks for your help so far.


The newer SkyView can show some extended details like indicated air speed and so on but that is only broadcasted by modern ADS-B planes anyway.

Regarding MLAT you can check if it opens port 30104 as a beast input port. (Check the config file for dump1090)
I would believe that to be the default configuration but i’m not sure, you surely know this @abcd567 ?