Feeding ADSB Data


I am feeding FA via the linux application as my pi died. I recently got a pi 3 which will be transitioned to feed them by the end of the week. Does FA provide my data back to me so I can track it myself? I would like to make my own database of all of the flights that I see.


The piaware sdcard image will give you the raw data in a variety of formats: Beast-format output on TCP ports 30005 (off-the-air) and 30105 (mlat positions); basestation-like output on 30003 (off-the-air) and 30106 (mlat positions). There is also /run/dump1090-fa/aircraft.json which is what feeds the webmap.


Thank you! I will have to see what I can do with the JSON. I am running on Linux (Ubuntu) right now so the live map does not work for me for what ever reason. Like I said I will be moving to the Pi 3 here very shortly.


I am looking at that JSON and it only has the hex it does not have the call sign. Will that show up?


Sure, if it is received it will show up in the “flight” field (named that way mostly for historical reasons)

{"hex":"a31961","squawk":"4034","flight":"UAL46   ","lat":30.025076,"lon":-95.376489,"nucp":7,"seen_pos":0.4,"altitude":2075,"vert_rate":1472,"track":356,"speed":200,"category":"A5","mlat":],"tisb":],"messages":986,"seen":0.0,"rssi":-7.7},


Is there a document somewhere that could serve as an introduction to all the main software components and how they interact? I’m sure most of this is scattered around the forums, but info like what runs where and what the various interfaces are would be super useful if condensed somewhere…?


The FAQ describes the various ports available:

And there is a diagram showing the interactions:

Do they help?