Getting ADSB Feed from my Raspberry PI



I would like to know if there is way to get the ADS-B feed (in XML format) from PiAware running on my Raspberry PI. I followed the steps as mentioned here:

Any pointers would be greatly helpful. Thanks!


Oh when I just looked at the URL that the frontend is hitting, it looks like : ](http://):8080/dump1090/data.json provides me the raw data. Is that the best way to access the data? Anything that I should know about how often it is updated etc?


Try looking around here:


Is this something a computer dummy should try doing?


You can’t get it in XML directly but there are a bunch of other formats:

port 30002, port 30005: undecoded ADS-B messages (i.e. just the demodulated message data, no interpretation)
port 30003: decoded ADS-B messages, CSV “Basestation” format, one line per message
the json output mentioned above.


Thanks obj. I see that the some of the data I receive is the flight name, lat/lon, velocity, altitude. Is there a way to get the source and destination airport code for the aircraft. Is it part of the ADSB messages or is this is something I should hit a 3rd party API to get the data from. If it is the latter, which service would you recommend that I should check out.

Thanks again for your help!!


The ADS-B messages are pretty basic: aircraft 24-bit identifier, position/altitude, velocity, callsign, squawk.
They don’t carry tail numbers or flight planning info.

You could try FlightXML: