Feed without compute devices


Is it possible to feed without PI / Desktop / Laptop ? #flightaware:ads-b-flight-tracking #justasking #feeding #noobie


How would you propose to convert the radio waves from the antenna into useful data and send them to the flightaware servers?

Are you asking for a preconfigured device?
There are such devices but they are expensive.

Best bet is to use a raspberry pi with the sd card image.

Not sure what your question is though :slight_smile:


This is a standalone device.
You can even get a model with two independent antenna inputs. They are not cheap. I have the single antenna model. It has been running well for almost 2 years.

It says 455 days, however, that is because it couldn’t run piaware well until last year.


Looking for posibility of DIY of FR24, radarbox kind… So in such devices, planning for multifeed is terrible.


there are multiple threads around about feeding multiple sites.

there is even a script to create sd cards for the raspberry pi with multiple feeders.

And if you don’t want to spend the 600 euros linked above you are not getting around it so type it into google and start reading :slight_smile:


thanks, I am aware of it PIaware…


This part does not need a computer…just a tuning coil, and a diode detector made of cat whisker + galena/iron pyrite crystal :slight_smile:




Also aware of this?


The easiest way to feed several sites…


And of course the radarcape is basically a (custom) receiver + a SBC + a suitable software image … same concept as a PiAware receiver, which is a SDR receiver + a SBC (the Pi) + a suitable software image.

I’m not sure what the OP wants here - they seem to want to avoid the “computer” part but why?


just a wired thought… :slight_smile:


We have a saying back home: One fool throws a rock in the lake and a hundred smart guys are trying to get it out…


Very good one!

My ‘beef’, and it’s nothing particular to the FA Forum, is that once something goes ‘mainstream’, the number of people unable and/or unwilling to think, search, read, interpret, and try things out on their own increase exponentially. We then enter the ‘spoon feeding phase’. The fun is gone, the learning is non existent. This is when I step back, and look for ‘greener pastures’.

Remove old Pi Aware device

You want to run a cable from each plane??

If I’ve got it right, you want to receive a 1mS transmission which contains either a 57 or 112 bit message and then decode something useful out of it without using a computer.
Good luck with that.