fedex Flight 05608


I triying to track the thid fedex Flight 05608but it shows that unknow flight

what could be happen


Do you have any other details about the flight? Origin and destination?


Try this


Just what I was going to suggest.

The leading 0 should be removed from the flight ID: FDX5608, not FDX05608


This flight suppose to origin in guanzhou on 31 July , and them the next tracking via FedEx show that is in Japan since 31 and …but is stuck in Japan …with cargo to us.


As the page notes, “At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s primary service area. Learn more about FlightAware’s coverage and service areas here.”

FedEx does not provide us with worldwide flight status or tracking, but it looks like sometimes the flight passes near Guam where we can pick it up from the FAA.