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FedX turnaround


Saw this fly overhead and checked out as to what it was and found this…

Does anyone have a theory?



I don’t have any knowledge of that flight but if I had any maintenance issue off the Eastern Coast, I’d go into Newark. We have a good maintenance hub there. (I’m retired FedEx)


Thank you for your reply.
I saw this flight over the house here in western Maine and had the time to check it out on Flight Aware as it was headed SW.

It’s path had taken it NE until it was off the coast of Newfoundland where it turned back SW.

When I checked the Flight Aware link in my post after the plane had landed, the tracking map was gone so I don’t know if you saw the route path.

Any way, Thank you!


The generic /live/flight/callsign page will point to different flights over time. If you click on a particular flight in the activity log towards the bottom of the flight page it’ll take you to the permanent page for that flight (in this case: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/FDX5081/history/20181201/1057Z/KMEM/KEWR)