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Isolate Airborne Flights by Fleet/Operator Prefix

I would like query all Airborne flights operated by FedEx (FDX) for:

  • The current Airborne location (lat/lon)
  • The Airborne historical flight track (your solid map line)
  • The planned route of the Airborne flight per air traffic control (your dotted map line)

I am having trouble isolating only FedEx (FDX) flights using your API documentation as well as obtaining the planned route (your dotted map line).
In essence, I would like to use your API to replicate the following functionality from your Web Interface:

  • Select Live Tracking
  • Select Browser by Operator
  • Enter “FDX” into the Fleet/Operator Prefix text box
  • Adding the Airborne location/track/route to my map

Can you please direct me to the correct API function calls to accomplish this?

Current locations can be found using:

Search ‘-latlong “MINLAT MINLON MAXLAT MAXLON” -idents FDX* -inAir 1’

Historical positions (within the last 24 hours or so) can be found using:

SearchBirdseyePositions “{range lat 36.897669 40.897669} {range lon -79.03655 -75.03655} {match fp FDX*}”

There is no way to search by planned route without enumerating all FDX flights and checking each route individually.