FedEx flight tracking


Please excuse if this issue has been discussed previously. I am looking to track inbound/outbound FedEx flights at my local airport and none are listed, which is unusual. When I look to view all FedEx flights, only a handful of flights seem to display, most of which are international.
Can someone tell me why we are not able to track FedEx flights any longer?
Thank you—

P.S. For that matter, UPS flights are also not displaying in a similar manner.


FedEx doesn’t do much flying in the daytime, except international. Traffic on that live page should pick up this evening.


There was something similar someone noted a while back general/fedex-afw-t15498.html I’ve noticed the daily DC-10 that comes (5-6PM) here wouldn’t show on FA until airborne, used to show as scheduled hours before.


Having difficulties of tracking my package also.

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Probably have to go to for tracking packages :smiling_imp:


Depending on your airport of interest the FedEx flight may not be an “FDX” flight. The feeder system contains numerous contract operators that serve a number of smaller airports with aircraft painted in standard FedEx livery. Examples include BVN, IRO, MTN, CPT, CFS, PCM, WIG


Actually, FedEx has a rather large afternoon push on weekdays out of their larger hubs (MEM and IND). It’s nowhere near as big of an operation as you’d see in the middle of the night, but it’s still a lot of flights. All of these aircraft head out to their destinations with whatever was sorted on the morning shift and will then return to the hub late at night.

Check the departures list for MEM mid-afternoon on a weekday for an example.