FedEx Feeder flightaware


Is there a way to track to FedEx Feeder flights on flightaware?


Sure; you’ll probably have to look them up by route if you don’t know who the subcontractor is.

Here’s the cargo dogs flying KSBA-KONT.


Here in Canada (Western Canada) I know a company called Morningstar (MAL) runs C208’s and B722’s on behalf of Fedex (in full FX colours). Also, in the North Western U.S. a company called Empire Airways (CFS) runs C208’s and ATR’s for FX. I’m not sure if Empire is JUST in the NW US or if they are in other areas in the US. Those are the only two I’ve seen myself and other then that I have no idea.


Empire, is just the PNW, there is Mt. Air, and several other feeders that service FedEx.
And AMF is not a major FedEx feeder, they have only two or three FedEx runs, They service UPS, and Bank runs.

Yes it’s 2:30am here on the east coast and I’m about to go fly for the 6th time in 7 days. People need 'a saving. If you’re dieing. We’re flying. haha


as a former “freight dawg” I speak for most when I say we prefer “freight Dawg” over “cargo dawg” haha


Mountain Air, RLR (Rattler), are a few.

flyboy97222, I assume you are referring to some sort of medical flights that you fly? What company do you work for and what aircraft (N-Numbers) do you fly? We have ALOT of med flights where I work here in NC. Curious if you had even flown down here on a flight. KPGV Pitt-Greenville, in NC.


The Company is named Trinity Air Ambulance. I fly a Lear 35a But our Tail # is blocked. N45AE
Been to KRDU a few times but not KPGV.
I Just got back from TKPK via KRSW, then back to KFXE. Been a long day


According to JP Airline Fleets International 2008/09, these are the operators of FedEx owned/leased aircraft and the aircraft they operate.

Air Contractors (ABR): AT43, AT72 (Irish airline)
Baron Aviation (BVN): C208
Corporate Air (CPT): C208
CSA Air (IRO): C208
Empire Airlines (CFS): AT43, AT72, C208, F27
Morningstar Air Express (MAL): B722, C208
Mountain Air Cargo (MTN): AT43, AT72, C208 (Canadian airline)
Swiftair (Spain) (SWT): AT43 (Spanish airline)
West Air (PCM): C208
Wiggins Airways (WIG): C208


2 flights pop into my head this morning…there are 2 from CAE to MYR every day which are feeders. 1 ATR 72 the other a C-208. I believe BWI gets a daily feeder from EWR…we have had 1 in 2 years I have been at IAD stop in to pick up some P1 freight to MEM.


Ok, so at RDU each morning there are Suburban Air Freight (Sub Air), Martinaire (Martex), and Business Air Freight (Rattler) Caravans that take off on cargo flights. Are they considered FedEx feeder flights? Or are they separate companies?


Are you able to see the flights in person? If they have a Suburban Air Freight, Martinaire, or Business Air Freight call sign but the aircraft are in FedEx colors then they are FedEx feeders.


I remember seeing some caravans on the FedEx ramp in RDU that weren’t painted in FedEx Colors. Most of the FedEx feeders are painted FedEx colors.


yeah they are not in FedEx colors. they say their respective names on each aircraft (except the Business Airfreight ones just look like normal 208Bs, no colors or writing). so they would be separate of FedEx then?

Suburban Air Freight


Business Airfreight

sorry for the quality of the shots. it was about 7:15am on a rainy day when I was trying to get these shots. was lucky I got what I got.


They could be feeders for any of the freight companies, UPS etc.

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