sort by Fleet AND Aircraft Type?

Hey gang,

I searched around and made a few of my own custom URL’s to handle this but can’t get it exact. I know I have configured something to do this in the past.

Anyway I can search for a Fleet AND Aircraft Type?

In other words I would like to see, say all of FedEx’s MD11’s and nothing else.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d like that too.

Can you share the url you made?

You can’t filter by both, but you can filter by one and sort by the other.

Thanks mduell for the reply. Is there a pay feature that would offer it, as in the Premium Account of any sort?

@rw812. what I was interested in was actually the FedEx DC10 flights. (my uncle flys the DC10’s for FedEx, so I like to watch him&them).

Anyway, as a registered user you can have 40 flights per page, that is step one. Then I figured out over time (2 weeks tracking) that the DC10 aircraft usually start at about #60 down the list.

With that I sorted by fleet, fedex, then adjusted the sort rule to start at an offset of 55. That left me with this:; … e;sort=ASC

It works for the most part by lumping the types together and getting me to the DC10’s as quick as you can do at this time.

Hope it can help ya.

Thanks. That’s basically what I’ve been doing. I was hoping you had discovered a magic URL to combine flight and aircraft into 1 url.

Well hopefully there may be someone out there who could configure it and share.

I love Flightaware and would go Prem for features like this.


Ok, I implemented this in a fit of enthusiasm this afternoon. It’s undocumented on the site, so spread the word to your propellerhead friends.

Works both ways:

Now you have to buy a premium account. :laughing:

Muy chido !

WOW mduell…

Never say Flightaware doesn’t deliver!! I love the “fit of enthusiasm”.

I’ll make good on my premium account too! I might have to PM you though I don’t understand them all…

T H A N K S ! !