FedEx 722 doin circles KVQQ


Think this was some type of test flight of somekind or what?
Found it a little strange and just wondering if anyone had any type of explaination of what these guys were doin?

Here’s to everyone have a great weekend coming up!!!



Must have something to do with these guys… … tory5.html


This appears to be the flight HurricaneHalen is talking about: … /KVQQ/KVQQ

Yes, it does look like it’s a test flight.

This map for this flight does seem to indicate a maintenance flight. The maps for the other flights using this flight number are strange because they all show the VQQ flight path but not the flight path between the cities shown in the flight plan:

ARA-MEM on 6/11/08
MEM-ARA on 6/11/08
IND-IND 5/14/08
GJT-MEM 04/12/08
MEM-BFM 3/12/08
BFM-BFM 02/16/08
MEM-CWF 01/16/08


Nice find 71Zulu. I’m betting this is why these flights exsist. BTW, how are things in New Orleans?

And everyone who’s read this I aplogize for not copying the link to this flight. I swear I meant to, but totally forgot about it once I had already posted this thread.

Sheeze…MORON ALERT!! :unamused:

Gonna miss those 722 once their gone.



Since its a 9000 series flight number it is usually a maintanence check flight and their are several maintenance facilities at Cecil Field,including some military aircraft when they are doing Carrier qualifications the T-45 Goshawks from the Navy fly out of Cecil field.