The Odd Flight of FedEx Flt. 9000


Hello! I’m new and was wondering if anybody could tell me what’s going on here?

Reading other posts, it seems that a flight at a 9000 level flight number is a charter, but, chartering fedex, and doing big loops? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I looked for new reports on it in Greensboro, and MEM, but nothing. Anything could help. Thanks!


9000 series flight often are for maintenence flights, more likely for a FDX plane.

And welcome to FLightAware!


Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! And the welcome


Yes it is a maintanence flight,being in Huntsville,KHSV,i get quite a few out of MEmphis and they are always 9000 numbers.Welcome!!


Piedmont Triad (KGSO) has a rather large maintenance activity, TIMCO (Triad International Maintenance Company). Im sure you can see quite a few maintenance flights out of there.