Favorite planespotting places.


What’s your favorite planespotting place?


Las Vegas. parking lot literally next to 25L/25R. ATC (Tower frequency for 25s/7s) broadcast over FM radio to the parking lot. Scanner tuned to approach. Great setting for day and night ops, especially with fireworks going off in the background on Las Vegas Blvd.

Second place: North Las Vegas. parking lot (and park for the kids) on the northwest corner of the field (intersection of Lake Mead, Decatur, and Rancho). again, ATC fed over FM radio to the lot. Calm wind ops have arrivals on 12L/R and 7.

Third place (though a pain in the but to get to): LAX. In-n-Out burger on Sepulveda. Get there early, and order something. parking there fills up fast. Park across the street is next to the PAPIs (and almost the REILs) of 24R.