Best Spotter Places?


What do you think about a list of the world’s best spotter airports and places like hills and terraces?

I could start with a few german airports like Berlin (SXF/BER/TXL), Hamburg (XFW/HAM), Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC), Leipzig (LEJ) and Dresden (DRS).

I’ve also been to Prague in Czechia (PRG), Copenhagen in Denmark (CPH), Amsterdam in Holland (AMS), Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck in Austria (VIE/LNZ/SZG/INN), Sofia in Bulgaria (SOF) and several other airports.

We could do maps and add points to the best places.

oh … and this is me and my hobby :wink:

SXF … Berlin-Schönefeld

TXL … Berlin-Tegel

DRS … Dresden

LEJ … Leipzig

FRA … Frankfurt

PRG … Prague

SZG … Salzburg

AMS … Amsterdam

and never forget BRU … Brussels … our European “Capital” City :wink:


no response? :confused:


Las Vegas (KLAS). Parking next to 25L/7R and 25R/7L, view of Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip) in the background, and ATC fed straight into your car radio. Background at night makes for great views, especially when fireworks are going off.



San Antonio :mrgreen:


awesome! Thanks for your replies! :slight_smile:

we have similar problems with the police here at SXF (Berlin-Schönefeld) every day when ELAL is coming in.
Helicopters in the air, police cars all over the place and a tank is always following the plane from the runway to the terminal and back to the start.

But if you stay on the (more or less official) major spotter-places and keep your car far from the fence, they let you take pictures.

I’ll do a map for both Berlin airports today.


that one for Vegas… Panoramio has a decent slide show of where the area is, both in proximity to the Strip as well as the runways:

The parking area is here:

I’ll add in another one as well: North Las Vegas Airport.

Tucked in the pocket between runways 12L/R and Runway 7. Probably the 2nd or 3rd busiest GA airport in the region. Parking area here as well with ATC piped through to your car radio, but the big difference here is that it is an actual park and not just a parking area. And with the calm wind runways being 12L/R and 7, you catch arrivals from every direction.



The only problem I see is all of the plane spotters are half naked men.


but on hot days only :wink:
I didn’t see any half-naked guy last winter :stuck_out_tongue: