Las Vegas


Southwest has been have some problems remain on-time here.


Do you live in Las Veges or near there. My parents are going in June i wish i was, the Luxor i heard has some good airport views, I can’t gambol so i would probley try to go to the airport to spot. Is it good spotting there?


The Luxor is the black pyramid. I’d say that’s a pretty good spotting location. :open_mouth:


not sure what you mean by “O’hare of the west…”, but if you mean a busy, international, and highly recognizable (by name/repuation) airport, I’d have to say LAX is the “O’hare of the west”. However, if you have another context in mind, I’m not so sure.


Yeah, KORD is busy not only because of Chicago’s size, but (obviously) because of it serving as a hub for two of the world’s largest airlines. I’m gonna guess that it’s a transfer stop to most people who use it. Vegas is a destination airport, like MCO. A lot of charters and general “leisure” travel into Vegas, although they’ve become quite the convention city as well. I’d have to agree that the “real” O’Hare of the West would be LAX, followed maybe by Phoenix or SFO…?


CC1229 have you spotted at Vegas or have any pictures i would love to see them. I know the luxor would be good spotting imagine Spotting while tuning in to the tower. :smiley: The only problem would be the distance from the hotel to the airport, unless it just looks futher because of the picture.


The Luxor is only a few city blocks from the west end of McCarron airport. However, I’m not sure it would be a good spotting location. As you see from pictures of the hotel, it’ shaped like a pyramid. I don’t believe any upper floor hallways end with an eastward window view. I think you’ll actually have to rent an upper floor room if you want to spot the airport. Ain’t cheap!!


When my parents stayed they said that they could see the airport pretty clear now I don’t know where they stayed in the hotel but they said it had good views of the airport and the old strip.


From an upper floor room, facing east, I agree that it’s a very good view of McCarron. The average plane spotter on the street isn’t going to rent a room at the Luxor just to see the airport. My reply earlier was meant to be in the context of an average visitor to Vegas who want to find a good place to see the airport activity. In fact, that’s exactly what I said in the last two sentences.


I had a trip the other day to KLAS. My F/O was picking up our clearance with about 15 minutes to planned departure of 19:00Z. After reading the clearance the controller paused and came back with a flow time to KLAS. Wheels up at 20:48Z. Not being the kind to take that sort of nonsense sitting down I asked what the reason for the delays were. High winds was the answer. I walked inside and checked the computer for traffic delay programs. Sure enough, 90+ minute delays to Vegas and high winds were the stated reason. Next I checked the wx. The winds were 10 gusting to 14. Since this report was already 35 minutes old I called the ASOS, same thing. Went back to the airplane, asked clearance if the delay program also included North Las Vegas. No it didn’t was the answer so I refilled and off we went. Landed at KVGT in light and variable winds (KVGT is all of 8 miles from KLAS) and asked if the delay program was still in effect for KLAS, yes it was. Called the KLAS ASOS, 6 knots of wind :unamused:


You didn’t happen to check the winds PRIOR to your departure time did you? Very often, delays like that are due to wind PLUS volume, and the wind might have been hours before you checked, but the delays were still left over.



I did not get the last three MEATRS but the METAR I had was already 35 minutes old and showed the wind more or less the same 10-14 knots. The delay program had just been started about 20 minutes prior according to the computer. I have noticed in the last year or so that there are more delays to Vegas (in and out) than there used to be.


88nitro305, I’m from Las Vegas and a good place to spot is on Sunset Road just west of Eastern Avenue. Take LV Blvd south past the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and the next light will be Sunset. Take a left (you’ll be at the southwest corner of the airport) and go down about 1 1/2 - 2 miles and there is a viewing area on the left with parking for about 20-30 cars. You’ll be right by the touchdown zone for 25L. A popular activity for those taking pictures is to have a sunroof and stand up through it and steady their camera. Regardless, it’s a chainlink fence and it’s still good viewing. Enjoy your visit!


This one was taken from the observation deck at Paris. I think it costs about $9 bucks.


It doesn’t look at all like France. :cry:


He didn’t say it was a picture OF Paris…He said it was taken FROM Paris…with a REAAAAAAAAALLY good telephoto lens. :smiley:


LOL! Where can I buy one of those lenses?


It just goes to show that people don’t read all that close just like the whole Dallas Morning News on Love noise-making. :laughing:


I’d have to say my home town airport LAX is the big international airport of the west. :wink: