Fate of a Gulf2

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back in 1997 Gulfstream 2 N117FJ (msn229) had a landing accident at KLGA (landed on a stalled truck on the active r/w): judging by the post accident reports I guess the G2 (and truck) was a write off but what is the fate of the airframe as it still shows current in the FAA registry!
Is it still active but under a corporate callsign (TAG/EJM/PWA/TFF etc etc) or was it w/o. Where did the wreck end up?
The company JT Avtn out of NY seem to have a Global Express these days N224GX.

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New York Times

The wreckage was released on March 25, 1997 to a representative of the owner’s insurance company.
NTSB Completed report . Note that the owners of the aircraft at the time of accident was PAB Aviation who seem to have folded in 1998.

J T Aviation is based out of ISP, I assume J T Aviation purchased the remains off of the insurance company, and trucked the wreckage in pieces to ISP. They also scrapped N565KC GII 46 in 2002 at ISP, and currently are scrapping N571BJ GII 15 - last seen at ISP in Sept without engines.

J T Aviation also currently operate Embraer Legacy’s N515JT and N556JT,
as well as the Global Express you mentioned. Over the last few years they operated several G2’s, and G3’s.

I’m passing this info on to see if I can get confirmation, as you mentioned, most aviation lists I checked show the aircraft as ‘Current’, however clearly it is not.

RobReid - thx for the reply, one less G2 to look out for.
Its unusual that the reg is still current this long after the event and also that the spotting fraternity doesnt appear to have reported the whereabouts of the remaining hulk - the *pieces *sometimes get a mention at Whites/Dodsons or similar.

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I usually hear 'em before I see 'em. :open_mouth:

And for several minutes after too.

And just look for the smoke trail…

I love Spey engines.

Since you’re wearing your G3Driver hat… Are the Spey more responsive?

The Tay is pretty loud and smokey IMO. They sound cool at idle or during taxi. Spey is crazy loud and smokey.

As a low (almost a pure turbojet) bypass engine it spools faster than a Tay. Well maybe faster is not the right way to describe it. How about it’s initial response is faster. If you had a Spey and a Tay mounted in test cells together running at flight idle and pushed the power levers up together the Spey would respond first. It would come up first and then continue slowly until reaching max power. The Tay initially seems like it is doing nothing but once the core gets the fan going it accelerates quickly. They both would reach max power in about the same time frame. I am talking about large power changes here. The small changes required for speed control on approach are about the same for either engine.

Interesting. What else did the Spey power? F28?

I saw a G4 :wink: pull in here one time behind Best Buy’s C550. About 7pax piled out of the 550 as the G-IV was parking next to them facing opposite direction. They thought they were pretty hot stuff until they looked up and their jaws dropped. The Tay is about the size of the 550.

If memory serves the Spey powered the BAC 111 and the Trident. I seem to recall reading that the Spey was used as a power plant engine and in marine applications too.

Does anyone have contact info for JT Aviation

I have your answer regarding the fate of the infamous GII.

As a bit of background, I appraise corporate jets for a living and consequently have the opportunity to visit many corporate hangars around the country.

In regard to the GII, the aircraft has been broken up by Excel Air in Ronkonkoma NY and is available for sale one part at a time. Many of the important subassemblies (air stair door, window frames, floor panels, etc.) were unscathed in the accident and have all been properly yellow tagged.

Hope this helps.

Also, I see questions regarding JT Aviation. JT Aviation is a special purpose company of John Tishman…Tishman Construction. To my knowledge the JT Aviation aircraft are operated Part 91.

Welcome Jetfl51, and thanks for the info!