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Info req N41AV

This G2 (#61) is an elusive machine for me to see and hopefully photograph in my quest to see all extant g2 airframes, it once operated for Flightworks (FWK) out of Cobb County Ga but has probably moved on from them.
Last flight indications seem to point to KACJ but that is a while back, I have found no indication of it turning up at any of the ‘regular’ scrap yards yet so any super-sleuths want to help me in finding this a/c?

Many many thx in advance

It was photographed in 2011 in ANC “shuttling passengers around Alaska”. Are you sure it’s not still up there?


I do believe that 61 was retired from use and is being used at a college/tech school in Georgia.

Thx for the comments folks.
It did indeed spend a good part of its recent flying life up in Alaska as FWK41 but I believe it may have been retired to South Georgia tech college at Jimmy Carter regional/Souther Field.