Anyone know the whereabouts of a GII with the last know N number of N17KW. I have a friend who flew this bird back in the late 1980’s. Just wanted to give him any info on it. I think it may have visited Oshkosh a few years back.

N17KW GRUMMAN AMERICAN AVN. CORP. G-1159 GLF2 028 L2J A117CA WILEY BOB INC TRUSTEE 1987 2000-04-05 active edit

N17KW recently seen 2010-04-20 as flight GS0001
from to OCO/MROC (San Jose).

Here is what I am showing on N17KW

Registered as Owner - Wiley Bob, Inc.
Owner - K. W. Plastics Recycling Company
Operator - Sanders Lead Company


What are Kenny or Wiley up to now?

flightaware.com/photos/view/1509 … f75df2664d
…is another of KW Plastics.
It was taken at the SERFI Fly-in a few years ago. There was also a Thunder Mustang photographed and a float plane I did not capture. It may be documented at www.serfi.org past champions page.
Wiley Sanders Trucking put out a great calendar annually (funny how that happens) featuring their Warbird planes. I have not seen one for this year yet.

That’s a G2?

Didn’t he sell “Georgia Mae”? Or was it “Jeanie, too”?

N10607 “Georgia Mae” is now owned by Harry Barr and is called “Barbara Jean”

N51WB “Jeannie Too” is still owned by Wiley Sanders as far as I know.

N17KW actually came into CLE according to Opshots.com. this week. Nice photo they took of it. Unfortunately it is not trackable. She was a good old bird way back when. Glad to hear she is still flyin.

I wonder where this photo was taken, look for the subtle clue: flightaware.com/photos/view/1680 … tes/page/1
The description says “Highly experienced crew on this GLF2. No locn as per request of the aircraft owner.”


Wellllll, I cross referenced the VOR frequency in NAV1 with the LOC frequency in NAV2, took into account the GND CNTL in COM1, correlated that with the UNICOM in COM 2, adjusted for the elevation and altimeter settings and I came up with…KCLE??

Wow! That was a lot of work. I just remotely turned on their GPS.

Well crap. The Wisdom of the Ages

What’s a “RAIDO”?

You guys are waaaay to sharp for your own good… :laughing:

You mean I didn’t have to call the Psychic Hotline? DAMMIT!!! I want my money back. They told me it was Cleveland, OKLAHOMA!!!