FAA Sectionals as Skyview Map


There was a thread from 2015 that detailed how to add FAA Sectionals as the background map for the dump1090 web interface. Since then, PiAware (and dump1090-fa) have come a long way, so those ‘hacks’ for lack of a better term, no longer work. Does anybody have a method to substitute the sectional maps for the OSM background?



Do you mean this one? If yes, this is built-in in dump1090-mutability. I am not 100% sure about dump1090-fa SkyView, but as dump1090-fa is branched from dump1090-mutability, most likely it will also have it built in. If my assumtion is right, then you can get it by simply changing map settings.


You have to enable additional maps. I am out now so can’t look it up. It is in one of the config files.


How to select map type:






(1) Open file config.js to edit

sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/config.js


(2) Press Ctrl+w and type chart and press Enter key.
The cursor will jump to following line

// Set to true to enable the ChartBundle base
ChartBundleLayers = false;   


(3) Change false to true .

// Set to true to enable the ChartBundle base
ChartBundleLayers = true;   

(4) Save (Ctrl+o) and Close file (Ctrl+x)

(5) Now clear browser cache, then reload browser.

(6) Click blue rectangular icon to open drop down menu.


(7) Select Sectional Charts



the sectional charts only for USA is there or the whole world? I mean if south asia is there they only i can test it.


Very small part of Canada (including Toronto) is covered “accidentally” :slight_smile:

Click on image to see larger size
Click again to see full size


Free maps have limitations (usually they use public US government information).
Skyvector.com has a public world wide sectional map.


Thanks everybody, and especially abcd567, for the help. That’s what I was looking for.


I had not seen this topic before posting another here Edit config.js differences
After edit of config.js changes did not appear for me using [site ip]/dump1090-fa/ but they did using [site ip]:8080 on both flightaware image and stretch with flightware add on running on two separate sites.


Try after clear browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) followed by browser hard re-load (Ctrl+F5). Often browser are stubborn and continue displaying cached pages instead of modified pages/scripts.


Method worked thanks


I continue wonder why one must do any of this when this should be a option under gear. This is a feature poor application for version for a 1.1 but you are just not working on it if we are at 3.5.3 and still having this discussion.