Dump1090 vs Dump1090-mutability Web Map


I like the way that the Dump1090 web map looks and how when you click on a plane you get certain information. I like the way the dump1090-mutability web map has other map types other then Openstreetmap like Sectional and IFR Charts.

Is there a way to add the other map types to the Dump1090 web map? Have not found it. If that were done, that would be my preferred setup. Wish Flightaware would do that in the base image.


Look in public_html/config.js
// Set to true to enable the ChartBundle base layers (US coverage only)
ChartBundleLayers = false;

Set it to true
There are also entries for the keys for bing and mapzen


I have a mapzen key and show water and coastline. How do I get roads and buldings (other layers) to show? I’ve messed around with layers.js for a bit but haven’t found the correct combination of settings to make the other layers appear.


Try the Bing key for Bing maps. They are comparable to the google maps.


I was looking for a way to get a more muted map so aircraft, etc show up better. I found a change to OSM that makes that happen so I’m good now.




I would like to apologize in advance for this newbie question… I just received FA’s receiver a few days ago…

Since I could not tinker with FA’s device, I tried setting this up in a spare Pi. After a few hiccups I was able to run the “app”, I can see the map, the heywhatsup and range rings.

However, since I do not have a RTL-SDR dongle (yet) dump1090-mutabilty has no data. Tried going over the 18 pages but could not seem to find a link on how to make this “app” listen to the broadcasts from FA’s device.

Hope someone can point me the way, if it is possible.

Besides setting up another receiver might be too much considering I am already receiving 280+ nm on FA’s flight feeder.



You need to take data from port 30005 on the FF and feed it to port 30004 on your own install.
You can do this with a generic tool like “socat”, or with something that specifically understands Mode S data like github.com/flightaware/beast-splitter