dump1090-mutability problems with Map

i have just installed dump1090-mutability for the first time over a running version of dump1090 on a PI

all the adsb data is fine but i have two map related issues:

  1. the map on a windows 7 PC says “OOPS Something went wrong”.
    Googling suggest the Google API key is out of date, is this build in or do i need to find and edit some file?
    On a ipad the map is displayed fine!!!

  2. on the ipad with the map displayed the center of the “heat map” is not the same centre as the distance rings, the rings are correct, i have edited the config file but guess i must have missed something…?

any help for this first time user of dump1090-mutability would be much appreciated!

dump1090-mutability does not include a heatmap, so you’ve installed something else.

this was the thread i followed:

And sorry it’s the range map that is way off centre!

Ok I have removed and installed the un modified beta 15 version and it working fine.