FA Porsche GT3 RS

There was a photo posted on Facebook of a Porsche in racing colors. Is FlightAware sponsoring a racing team in sportscar racing? If so, is it ALMS? Grand-Am? Touring cars?



Just a few FlightAware staff members sharing our other passion at track days, private tracks, and HPDEs.

Thats awsome! Might I suggest looking into sponsoring a team in the ALMS? Considering many people in motorsport use aviation I would think it would be a good audience.

A Rustang? Really?? Have you no shame? :smiling_imp:

What, no comment about the guy driving his wife’s Miata?!? :open_mouth:

She drives her Miata!

Ohhhhhh, Racer Girl!

I think FlightAware should sponsor a car for 24 Hours of LeMons.

Funny you should mention that, the Miata driver above drove a Triumph TR7 in the 24h LeMons at MSR Houston last month.

Now that’s a car I don’t think I’ve ever seen in person! Hopefully they had a “good” run.

I’m headed up as a spectator to Willows, CA for the May event at Thunder Raceway. We’re dreaming about fielding a car some time next year.

For those of you not familiar with 24 hours of LeMons, watch the VIDEO from Car and Driver Magazine with LeMons’ founder Jay Lamm. C&D usually runs a car in the event…funny stuff.