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FA FlightFeeder + FR24 Combo


Firstly - I know less than zero about Pi’s and coding and and and … and even less than with antenna’s … or aerials.
I currently have a FlightFeeder Box (Blue) installed and running perfectly. Had it running for a while now.
I used to feed to FR24 - but they canned the Windows feed for whatever reason.
I have applied to FR24 for a feeder. I hope I get it.
My question, to all you antenna boffins out there. If I get the FR24 setup, is it possible to combine the two receivers onto a single (FA) aerial? (Maybe a splitter of sorts?) Instead of having 2 aerials up on the roof. Also, if I must have 2 aerials, can they be on the same mast, and how far apart should they be?


It’s complicated.
Just getting a splitter will considerably reduce the signal/reception.

And if any of the 2 feeders have a GPS antenna built in to the main antenna, then you can’t get a filtered amplifier like this one (https://store.uputronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=50).
With such an amplifier a splitter wouldn’t be a problem.

Also it’s quite a bit of extra money to spend.

The best and cheapest option: buy a Raspberry Pi and configure fr24feed to use the data produced by the FlightFeeder.

As for installing both antennas, 20 cm between them should be sufficient.
A very small portion of the sky may be obstructed by the other antenna.