F-14 Tomcat Officially Retired

I’m a little surprised we didn’t hear much more about this, seeing as how popular Top Gun still is to this day.

I realize this forum doesn’t dwell on military aircraft a whole lot, but many in my generation (“X” I suppose) grew up wanting to be the cool pilot with the hot girlfriend flying supersonic jets all over the world. I was into aviation before Top Gun came out (as much as a 10-year-old could be, anyway), but that movie and the F-14 locked aviation into my heart for life.

Sad to see it go, but it’s definitely outperformed by the SuperHornet, and much cheaper to operate and maintain as well. Long live the spirit of the Tomcat!!

Aw sad to see it go…

I was once told by a Naval aviator, “The Tomcat is proof that if you put enough thrust behind a brick, it will fly.”

Sad to see it go. I loved the swing wing aspect of it.

Air&Space magazine did a nice Tomcat Tribute article recounting the development, deployement and retirement of the F-14. In fact, almost the entire issue was devoted to it.

Our in-house Tomcat is one of our biggest draws! Visitors are always in awe of its size and are particularly appreciative of the fact that they can walk up and touch it.

The true value of the F-14 to the fleet can be measured by its 40 to 1 maintenance tail, 40 man-hours of maintenance for each hour of flight.

The F-18 that replaces it has cut that overhead by a factor of ten! Four man-hours of maintenance for each hour of flight.

We got a taste for the maintenance complexity of this aircraft when we, essentially, diassembled it for its trip to the museum via road transport from Warminster, PA in 1992.

What will Tom Cruise use in TOP GUN II ?? :wink:

where’s the arrestor hook on that there star ship? :wink:

See that’s the cool thing about it… It doesn’t even need a hook… It can just come down like a harrier.

ok… now who would win the top gun competition? Tom Cruise and his new fangled star ship or Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) from the original Battle Star Gallactica in a Colonial Viper. Head to head at Top Gun School.

I guess Iran may be looking at getting some ex-navy Tomcats for parts.
Against Iraq in the 1980’s, Iran was using the F-14’s radar in an AWAC’s role.

They’re gonna have to steal those parts, seeing as how we have a trade embargo with them. Better enlist a few more MPs for security at the AF Museums!!

"Blasted ograbme.


Ah the raptor.

I don’t remember the F-22 Raptor being able to hover!
That’s the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. They look very similar but the engine nozzle just barely showing between the flaps gives it away. (at least from that angle)


Look all the same to me. Boeing lost the race with Lockheed anyways.

As do the open doors over the mid-fuselage fan, the “ears” sticking out to P&S behind the canopy.


Maybe Arnold and JSF in True Lies II. But would he still fit in the coxpit?
Doesn’t matter I guess, just computer animate new body on old face.

Or Conan O’Brien talking TV face??? :wink:

Besides the Tornado, are there any variable geometry winged planes left flying?? Anybody still fly the Mig 23??

Ever hear of the B1B? :wink: