F-14 Tomcat to Retire

The ever famous F-14 is set to retire in August of 2007! How old is the F-14 anyway? At lease 25 years or so?

Anybody hear this also last week?

This question brings up another question.

I think this question should be in the forum “Aviation News.” My question is: If a posting is in the wrong forum is it possible for either the poster or moderator to move it to the right forum?

Answering afarr454’s quesiton about the age of the F14, I did a Google search (total time to enter the search words “F14 Tomcat” and finding the answer: less than 10 seconds), I found the Tomcat first flew on 21 Dec 70 (almost 36 years ago).

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yes they are all retired now, but im still flying mine in MSFS.


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FlightSim F-14? Interesting. Apparently Meek is on a “revive the old thread” kick.

some of those old threads are important.

Yes. And thank the good lord that you revived one that had a whopping total of seven posts about an event that occured 2 years ago.

LOL we have a winner!!! :laughing: