Chinese 'TopGun' Movie . . with J-10 fighters

Video news trailer for ‘J-10 on a Mission’.

It looks just like Top Gun. Even the main actor, with his aviator’s, looks like Tom Cruise, only taller. I wonder if they make fighter jets any better than they make paint and drywall?

And a quote from the link:

“The most exciting scenes are of aerial dogfights involving the J-10, the Russian mig-27 and US Air Force F16 – the best fighter jets in the world

I guess that J-10 being obliterated by a Raptor or a Typhoon would be too dramatic for their movie?

I’m sure Top Gun is still better than that. And since we are talking about Top Gun, just thought I might say that my dad went to school with two of the people who did the flying in Top Gun. They were real top gun pilots…

Wow, give the guy a podium! The poor star actor had to hold a boquet of mics for that whole press conference!

To me the J-10 looks like a smaller Eurofighter crossed with an F-16.

I wonder if the ramp scene shown in the news clip have subtitles say something like,

" That’s right Iceman… I am dangerous…"
“Mother Goose you …_________!!!”

Only thing missing from this movie is some corny knock-off Kenny Loggins Music.