Russia's answer to the F-22 makes first flight today;

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Sukhoi T-50 prototype takes flight today . . .

Looks like an SU nose mated to a F22 copy.

That’s pitiful… :unamused:

From the Times article:

Russia showed off its first stealth fighter jet today, immediately proclaiming it a challenger to American military dominance of the skies.

Great. It’s good to know that when we’re slashing military budgets and ending the raptor program, that our comrades are just stepping up theirs and are so proud of it that they are already verbally challenging us over “dominance of the skies”. It’s hard to tell, but it looks a good bit bigger than the raptor - the rear of it almost looks like an F-14, in regards to the engine spacing. And no thrust vectoring I’m guessing?

That’s the first thing I noticed. No thrust vectoring.

I would like to know who thought of vectored thrust :open_mouth: :

Yeah, the first thing I thought of when I saw “Russia’s answer to F-22” was thrust vectoring. I associate TV more with the raptor than I do stealth technology (stealth is becoming commonplace these days), so I was surprised that they didn’t incorporate it - or go the European route with canards or something to open up its maneuverability; maybe that’s just me though. And nice vid Will - I hadn’t seen that one before. Still, video never does thrust vectoring justice. Seeing it in person is so much more awesome than watching it on video - it’s so hard to grasp the relation of the jet/airspace and what it’s doing on video, as opposed to watching first hand. What is that that goes shooting past that jet at 0:26?

It’s certainly different from the Korea-Vietnam era MiG jets that are so prevalent in that part of the world. Let’s only hope none fall into the hands of Iran, North Korea, or similar nations.

What is that that goes shooting past that jet at 0:26?

It’s a bird that flew right by the camera.

Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA prototype first flight - YouTube)

T-50 maiden flight video.

Catching up? Did anyone tell them we’ve retired more stealth aircraft then they’ve made?

An American UAV.

‘This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is 12 ft long, part aircraft and part spacecraft, will be dropped from the wing of a modified B-52 aircraft, boosted to nearly 100,000 feet altitude by a rocket after release over the Pacific Ocean to briefly fly under its own power at seven times the speed of sound, almost 5,000 mph.’

I doubt that…