6 F-22 Raptors deployed to the Middle East . . .

USAF News full story.

Photos by USAF SSgt Michael B. Keller over U.A.E.

Gawd those things look sooooo good…

It’s about time…

Hopefully they’ll be used early and often.

Let the ass kicking begin.

I agree!

thought the 22 project was terminated what happend?

They (Congress) has voted to not fund buying any more, but there are about 150 in service I believe. I know they’re expensive, but in my opinion, are definitely worth it in what they provide (compared to what we, the American people bought this morning). I’ve yet to see the JSF yet, but have been pretty unimpressed in what I’ve read, compared to the capabilities of what I’ve seen in the raptor and it’s thrust vectoring technology. I had the opportunity to see one do a demonstration at our airshow in '08 (actually I’ve saw two demo’s last year) and was absolutely blown away! By far, the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, aviation-wise. I can’t stress enough, how crazy that demonstration was. I think in the future we’ll look back and regret terminating the F-22 project and the superiority it provided.

okay, rant off.

You might want to search the forum for previous discussions about the F-22 and the reasons for not purchasing any more.

And UCAVs can wax the ass of the most agile and aggressively flown manned aircraft every time.