Iran unveils squadrons of flying boats

This looks… odd to me… … ts/?hpt=T2

Did anyone else see this?

What good do those do??? :laughing:

Our navy’s F/A-18s are no match for those things. We should surrender now! :unamused:

Is it me or do those things look quite unstable. . .

I like how the bottom is painted red so it blends in with the sky. And how the “radar evading” it is, with its engine just stuck on there. And I also like how it looks like a kit plane. Oh, and I like how they say “Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the few countries which managed to design, build and use flying boats in a short time,” even though these things have been around for years.

Perhaps we should play “Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine!” and pull out the Spruce Goose. I think one big stomp from that guy will take out their whole ‘fleet’. :wink:


Target practice!!!

Something they should’ve kept to themselves. Wow… Just look at that power… they are a force to be scared of.

My question, will it fly IFR?

I have an issue of Air International (I beleive) from a few years back that has a story on the IAF. The F-4 and Mirage F.1C are the “flagships”. They do have some F-5s that they modified with twin tails… :open_mouth: WHOOOOOOOO". The recurring theme when discussing fleets was 3 of 20 are known to be airworthy while 4 more are possibly airworthy.
It sounds like they’ve got a giant boneyard of extras to keep a small 4 o 5 aircraft fleet going.

It looks like more of a wing-in-ground-effect craft than a real aircraft. Even though a brief portion of the footage shows out-of-ground-effect travel, it looks like a zoom and not sustained flight. The balance of the footage where they are airborne shows then traveling very low, consistent with WIGE flight.

These could be problematic as they might be faster than their existing light patrol boats, but are really probably just a more efficient way of creating Martyrs.

Oh yeah, J!!!

Although James, that may be to easy for the U.S.
Just to be fair the U.S needs to use this to shoot them down:

What do you want this to be like, shooting fish in a barrel?? That is WAY to advanced. Just the sight of it will probably make those boats fall out of the sky.

agreed, but the Soviets did it MUCH better:

Oh my God! :confused: :confused: :confused: