experiments gone bad

need some help to wash my account of bad and/or no longer used mac addresses. i believe i am caught in a bad loop preventing a new image from coming up clean. how can i get some mac’s purged.

Sites that don’t feed data are naturally expired after 30 days.

What’s the problem that you see?

i have several mac address’ register that no longer exist and when i recently was resurecting an old install to update and put online, it falsly thought it was a different address and made a real mess. i had to start all over and ended up with yet another address. the 3 sites seem ok now but i have 1 site and 3 discovered address’ i would like to purge, and the 30 day expiration does not actually work. as i said the old install updated the old mac address even though it doesn’t exist anymore.

So, all working now? Good.

The 30 day expiration hides the sites. If you later start feeding from that address again, it’ll reappear.

I had a site expire and it did not re-appear on it’s own. I posted a message here with the details of the Feder location number and MAC address and the FlightAware guys were quick to get the site back on my stats.


if the tech guys are listening, please remove the following mac addresses :


Thanks, Lou Harris N1UEC N273AD

What’s the problem that you’re having with them?

see above explanation