expected GA arrivals at my home airport


I just entered the community here and hope somebody can help me with the use of flightaware…mtia

i want to check which GA traffic is expected at my home airport (which is outside US), is this possible, and if yes, how to do this ??

may be this should be discussed here, but it`s hard to check out with a search… any helpful answer is much appreciated.




Do you want to track the aircraft or just want to know what is inbound/outbound from your home airport?

If you are wanting to track them, for the most part, it won’t happen. (check the FAQs for more info on this). As far as just knowing inbound/outbound, some airports work when the flights are filed IFR and are going to/from the US. Granted (FA gurus correct me if I am wrong), the arrival/departure times may be off due to when the US controllers hand the aircraft off to international controllers.


thanks for the quick reply.

i just wanna know if there is somewhat expected at my home airport,
especially General Aviation flights. We have sometimes flights from
the US (airports like KSWF,KBGR) with G4s, G5s and Falcons and
some more. And what i want to know is, are they shown if i click on the
arrivals list for my home airport (which is EDDF in Germany) ?




Does this help?




Dang it Allen…beat me by 35 second…

I was also about to correct myself the the FA page for EDDF will show international arrivals from other than the US.


Actually this page should be more what he wants. It should show enroute or scheduled GA flights, but sometimes unknown air carriers are grouped in there too.



yes that works, i tried that before posting my question, thanks anyhow.
hope that there will be showing some GA flights if they are take place…




Basically, the only GA activity you can track is that which is coming from or going to North America from EDDF. I do believe that Frankfurt does provide a live feed for arrivial and departures.


f0p.de/cgi-bin/shop.cgi?rada … prache=eng

Otherwise, FA only tracks flight within North America and only those flying IFR.

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thank you guys,

all some helpful answers. i will keep track on that for the next days,
hopefully it works on that i`m interested,

thnaks again