FlightAware Sneak Preview: Major Airline Enhancements

Please see this post: FlightAware Sneak Preview: Major Airline Enhancements and post any feedback in this thread.

I’ll be closely watching it tomorrow to track my younger daughter returning from MBPV to PHL via MIA.

I’ll also be tracking her MIA to PHL leg on the iPhone app.


That’s cool! More details on where it’s at and what it’s doing. Cool. :wink:

Is it limited to just Delta and United right now? I can’t find “track inbound flight,” “gate,”, etc. on other airlines.

Track inbound is only available on ~6-8 operators although a couple are being added in the next week.

Gate times are available for virtually every carrier except for SWA which is coming next week.

Gate assignments are available for DAL AAL UAL TRS FFT MEP ASA AWE ACA ELY BAW BMA CCA THY ANA. COA and SWA next week. Terminals are available for way more.

I have on on American out of LAX that is showing the information, but I thought it was odd that yesterday I could get the info from DFW and ORD for flights to TUL, but today I can’t.

Inbound flight and terminal available for Air Canada too (eg sneakpreview.flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA103).


What I just noticed are they are regional carriers like BTA and American Eagle. Would that make a difference? It wasn’t a specific flight, but I did notice that.

Here is one… AAL1584

I’ve been inquiring about this for a year or so … when will Great Circle, as-filed, and as-flown mileage data ever appear?

GC and as-filed are easy; while the flight is enroute the status bar shows “xxx miles down, yyy miles to go” (however it’s not clear whether xxx is as-flown or GC) but this info disappears once the status changes to “Arrived”

Great, I love the Gates and Status (Taxing) and so forth. Will be a great tool. Can’t wait til those features are active.


Few updates:

  • Southwest gates are now included.

  • Continental “track inbound flight” is now supported.

  • Continental gates next week (terminals available now).

Any idea when USAirways will be added to the list?


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