Arrival information of BGA aircrafts


How to get arrival information of BGA aircrafts in the last 24 hours.I am using arrival service.But it is giving ATR data only.


Unfortunately, Colombia is not one of our primary coverage areas so the amount of flight data we have there is very limited at this time.

You can compare on our website to see what amount of traffic to expect.

If you still want to try using FlightXML for that purpose, you can use the “Arrived” and “Enroute” functions to retrieve inbound flights. The “Scheduled” and “Departed” functions can be used to retrieve outbound flights.

I am asking about arrival information of Business and General Aviation (BGA segment) aircrafts. Is there any way to find whether arrival aircraft is ATR or BGA aircraft?

Okay, I was assuming that you referring to the Palonegro Airport (BGA/SKBG).

In any case, if you are using any of the 4 functions that I mentioned previously (Enroute, Arrived, Departed, Scheduled), you can supply the “filter” argument of “ga” to retrieve just General Aviation flights. … op_Enroute

The main differentiator is that Airline flights will be operating using an ICAO Airline code plus flight number as their “ident”, while GA flights will be operating with an “ident” of their aircraft’s registration.