Execaire of Montreal orders Cessna's including 4 Mustangs...


Cessna Aircraft Co. has received an order for nine Citations from Execaire.

The order is for four Citation Mustangs, three Citation Sovereigns and two Citation XLS Plus business jets. The deal was announced today at the 47th annual Canadian Business Aviation Association convention and trade show.

Canada-based Execaire has managed, maintained and operated aircraft for more than 40 years. It is an authorized Cessna sales representative, parts distributor and Citation Service Center with facilities at Toronto’s Lester Pearson International Airport.

Deliveries should begin in 2010.

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Execaire was the original flight department for the wealthy Brofman Familly of Montreal (and New York), but is now owned by I.M.P. Group.
They currently own/operate/or manage 30 aircraft;

Including afew turboprops and the following jets; Bombardiers - 6 Challengers, 3 Global Express’s, Cessna 1 560, 2 560XL’s, 1 650, 2 Citation X, Hawkers 2 800’s, and 2 800XP’s, a Falcon 2000EX, and Canjet Airlines with a B737-300 and 2 800’s.

Execaire manage/operate Cirque du Soleils Global Express C-GCDS