***Newly Named Cessna Citation 850 Columbus***


Cessna Citation 850 Columbus

Aero News Network Story details released on new Citation 850 Columbus


Cessna’s greatest achievement? I guess we’ll see about that. But for now, I’d say their greatest jet achievements would be the original 500, for getting the ball rolling; and the Citation X, for obvious reasons. I wonder where they will build this 850…Wichita? Manhattan? China??? 8)


Columbus? :laughing: But seriously… they’ll probably outsource alot of it to the ChiCom’s with assembly in Wichita if the economy doesn’t tank first.


I heard it described as a Citation X on steroids!!!


…and slowed down a bit. How do the cabin dimensions compare? It seems longer but is it wider and taller?

Looks to be 5 inches taller and 5-6 feet longer inside.


Cessna Aircraft selects Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion for Citation Columbus Business Jet Rockwell Collins Press Release


Cessna Citation Columbus


The $27 million aircraft will carry up to 10 passengers, have a target range of 4,000 nautical miles and fly at speeds of up to 561 mph.

It will compete with Bombardier Aerospace’s Challenger 300, Challenger 605 and Dassault’s Falcon 2000.

Cessna looked outside the company for a place to build the fuselage and tail section because it wanted to spread out resources. The company didn’t want to hire scores of people for the design work and lay them off when the design phase is over, Pelton said.

Spirit has the design and manufacturing capabilities, modern techniques and a proven track record, Pelton said. Spirit will help Cessna with the design.

Spirit plans to build the plane’s tail section at its Prestwick, Scotland facility.

Spirit wants to build the fuselage in Wichita, but no decision has been made, Spirit officials said.

There are many reasons building it in Wichita will be advantageous, including the ease of working with one another and in the transporting the fuselage to Cessna facilities.

“We certainly hope that’s where we end up,” said Spirit spokeswoman Debbie Gann.


Great work from a great company. Now they can get to work on redeveloping the piston line. I guess the jets bring in the big bucks though.



Cessna to invest 780 million USD and set deliveries to begin 2014.


FlightGlobal Cessna’s Citation Columbus to have ‘hybrid’ fly-by-wire.


I wonder if the name is a nod to NJA and it’s HQ being in CMH??

I’m sure NJA will be the biggest client for this aircraft.


They were going to call it the Cessna Buffet, but wanted a chance at selling it to other customers.



Cessna Columbus to be built in Wichita, KS after Cessna successfully extorts $33 million from Kansas legislature.

Now we just have to see how much dough Kansas City, MO is willing to cough up to lure Bombardier. I don’t see that one happening, though, despite the relatively weak US dollar.