Cessna announces BIG order at EBACE . . .


Jet Alliance of Austria has ordered an additional 24 aircraft, bringing their total to 50 new Cessna Jets on order.

The new order is for, 4 Mustangs, 7 CJ2’s, 11 CJ3’s, 10 XLS+, 7 C680’s, 4 C750’s, and 4 C850 Columbus’.

Total C850 Columbus orders released so far is 36 firm orders
at $26 million a piece - adding to a 14.5 billion dollar backlog
of Cessna’s now on order.

Dexter a new Russian Air Taxi Service, also received funding and ordered 20 Cessna Mustangs.


Kudos to Cessna. Sounds like a good start for the Coumbus. Of course, the piston owners must be kicking the sand every time Cessna comes out with a new jet and neglects the pistons. Of course, jets=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Yes, but it’s still short sighted on Cessna’s part. They’re neglecting the portion of the pilot community that will eventually provide the owners and drivers of all those jets now and in the future.

The Sky Catcher is a step is the right direction, as is Cessna’s purchase of Columbia and its aircraft. But they really need to put their noses to the grindstone and figure out how to reduce overall propellor aircraft prices.


I think the Columbia owners are in no better shape then before. They have a financially strong company but they also have a company not committed to bettering the product.

But I don’t think Cessna wants to put money into the piston line as it already is selling well. Just imagine if they put the work into their piston planes that Cirrus or Diamond does…


I think the new 162 is a clear demonstration that Cessna is still working hard on their piston line. It is a far better LSA than the “Cirrus” LSA, which is just another company’s plane with the Cirrus name on it.


Only 36 orders so far?.. That’s not very encouraging…

Remember that you heard it here first… Watch what happens when Gulfstream and Bombardier announce their newest super mid-sized products. 36 initial orders for the Columbus will be woefully pathetic in comparison.