SJ30-2 Back On Track as SyberJet!



For those that did not already know, the Swearingen’s dream is still alive and from the sound of things, the new entity pushing the project forward seems very confident in the production and delivery future of the awesome VLJ formerly known as the SJ30-2.

I look forward to the production runs of the new SyberJet! I had all but removed the SJ30-2 from my list of potentials and concluded that the program simply could not take any more economic hits to the downside. I am so glad that I was wrong. She goes back on the list with a new name, a new program director a new home and much renewed anticipation for this very high performance VLJ.

I can’t wait!

New Company Profile:

A Press Release:


And, Cessna now announces a 2013 certification of its new airframe called the Citation M2!

Citation M2:

I always did like the Mustang, but I also thought it lacked range and overall performance when compared to the competition. The new M2 is an obvious Mustang upgrade - though company officials claim it to be a CJ1 upgrade.

I think this officially puts my buying decision on hold. 2008, was economically brutal on a lot of companies in aviation, so I think I’ll wait until 2013 to finalize my decision. By then, aircraft like the Hawker 200, SyberJet, HondaJet and now the Citation M2, should have enough time to position themselves against completed programs like the Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Cessna Citation CJ-IV and the grandfather of the bunch, the Hawker 400XP - all Single Pilot Certified airframes in the VLJ or LJ classes.

So, it looks like we are going to have a small jet war after all! Score one for General Aviation as a whole!


SyberJet has new website and facebook page. Any questions call me

Mark Fairchild
General Manager (former VP Sales - Emivest, Test Pilot - Sino Swearingen)
SyberJet Aircraft

It’s a great aircraft and it will be even better soon.


I saw one of these in person the other day, and I hope they succeed! Man, they are a sharp lookin’ jet.


We are working on some things “under the radar”. Look for a press release on program update and major announcement in the Jan 2012 timeframe. Stay tuned for more news from SyberJet Aircraft - the relentless pursuit of performance.